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Something About Us

One of the characteristics of our school is the sense of belonging which members of the staff and students alike feel.  The activities organized by the school definitely play an important role in bringing staff and students together.

Since the school timetable is filled to the brim with academic work, the success of these activities depends mostly on the amount of free time teachers are ready to offer.  Fortunately, our school has never been lacking in this kind of teacher.  In fact a whole team of teachers work hard to achieve the self-imposed high standard.

Since December 1990, one of the highlights of the scholastic year has been the Christmas Pantomime - a production prepared and performed by the teachers.  This has now become established as a school tradition.  Most of the work done in preparing for this event is carried out during the teachers' free time.  Work on the set usually starts during the summer holidays.  Rehearsals start in October - these are all held after school hours.   During the last weeks before the production, it is quite common to find small groups of teachers working well into the night or during weekends!

Since December 1997, a sizeable group of students have also been included as part of the Pantomime tradition.  They took over all the backstage work, as well as control of the lighting and sound systems.  This proved to be a very positive experience, with students and teachers working together as friends.

In addition to the pantomime, another production is normally presented during the scholastic year.  This, however, is a student-only production that is prepared for the Prize-giving ceremony held during the third term.  The latter involves as much work as the Pantomime, with a cast often exceeding fifty students.

We, the Production Team, believe that for a truly educational experience, the students have to act, sing, dance and play the music themselves whenever possible.  The real achievement lies in a production which is the sole result of the pupils' skills and abilities.  Nothing beats a live performance - acting, singing, dancing and music.  Obviously, the students are also responsible for backstage work, lights and sound.

The Production Team
Zejtun Secondary School (ex-Carlo Diacono), St Thomas More College

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