Monsieur Jourdain
(April 1996)

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Monsieur Jourdain is an adaptation of Moliere's comedy "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme".  The title character is a rich merchant who wants to buy his way into the french aristocracy.  He is also a brainless idiot.  His attempts at learning dancing, fencing and philosophy serve only to make his tutors richer, since he is unable to learn even the most basic principles.

He is trying to court a beautiful Marquess Dorimene with the help of his 'friend' Count Dorante. who is in fact taking his money and gifts and using them to court the Marquess himself.

Jourdain's daughter Lucille is in love with Cleonte, also the son of a merchant, but her father wants her to marry into the aristocracy.  With the help of his clever servant Covielle, Cleonte passes himself off as a Turkish Prince, and convinces Jourdain to give him his daughter in marriage in return for an imaginary title to be bestowed by a non-existant Turkish King.

Count Dorante takes the opportunity to declare his marriage to the Marquess, leading Jourdain to believe that it is only a make-believe marriage which will do away with any suspicion by Jourdain's wife.

And, in the words of Cleonte, the 'Turkish Prince' : "Kalamar onki, onka, onka" (which means "He who tries to climb to high, falls harder!").

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