The Jungle Book
(April 1997)

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Adapted from Rudyard Kipling's book and Walt Disney's animated film, Trevor Zahra's version of the Jungle Book follows the adventures of Mowgli as he journeys through the jungle with his animal friends.

Following the arrival of Shere Khan the tiger in their area of the jungle, Bagheera the panther is given the unwelcome task of escorting Mowgli back to the 'Man-village' for his own safety.  He convinces Mowgli that their journey will take them to a 'wonderful place', and Mowgli agrees to go.

During their first night, Mowgli has a narrow escape after meeting with Kaa,  the sly phython who only wants to make a quick snack out of him.  Bagheera intervenes to save him, but in the process Mowgli discovers that the 'wonderful place' is the Man-village.  Mowgli escapes because he wants to stay in the jungle with his friends.

He joins up with Baloo who takes him under his wing, in spite of being warned by Colonel Hathi and his elephant herd about Shere Khan.  Mowgli is then kidnapped by the monkeys and taken to King Louie the orang-utan who wants to learn the secret of fire.  He is saved by Bagheera and Baloo, only to run off again.

He meets the vultures who try to cheer him up while Bagheera and Baloo, with the help of Colonel Hathi and his herd, mount a search for Mowgli.  Shere Khan gets there first, though, but Mowgli, with the help of his friends, manages to scare him off.

Baloo and Bagheera think that Mowgli is now convinced of the dangers of the jungle, but only the singing of an attractive young village girl finally gets Mowgli into the village.

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