(May 1998)

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The animated film "Hercules" has revived this Super Hero from greek mythology and pushed him up into the "Top Ten" Charts.  Since Hercules has gained so much popularity, we deemed it fitting to invite him to our Prize-giving ceremony so that he could meet some of our students and guests.

The 'original' Hercules (not the "copy" which can be found all over the place) had twelve tasks to perform.  However, since:

  • our Hercules is still starting off
  • he is not an original... in fact he's a copy of the copy of the copy... etc.
  • and since we did not want to him to give up right from the beginning...
we thought that it would be better if we reduced his tasks to only eight.

Together with Hercules we've put Liz to help him along (actually she's more of a hindrance really!).  You won't find her in any book on greek mythology - only in Carlodiaconology (a difficult word which means : The myth of Carlo Diacono Junior Lyceum).

During all of the rehearsal Hercules always managed to complete his eight tasks successfully.  We're not too sure about today.  Nowadays, there isn't much you can depend upon... not even a Super Hero!

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