Treasure Island
(December 1997)

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Everyone is looking for that priceless 'something'.  Cinderella wants to become Princess and marry the Prince of her dreams.  Aladdin wants the Genie to make all his wishes come true and the Wicked Witch wants to find eternal beauty in her magic mirror.  Even Pinocchio is at it, wishing that he changes from a wooden puppet to a real boy.  This year, Jim and his mother, along with a large number of pirates, have gone looking for Treasure Island.

Everyone wants to find a treasure, even us.  For three whole months, we've looked for and found our treasure in this Panto... working and laughing together, rehearsing, preparing props and costumes, each doing his own bit.  This year, a sizeable group of students and student teachers joined us as our backstage crew.

We 'went overboard' (pun intended) this year in set construction - we've actually managed to get a pirate ship sailing the high seas, rocking and all.  We even had Long John Silver with his peg-leg, and our main actor had an identity crisis and ended up playing three roles, two of which fell in love with each other!

Gold and silver do not last forever, but no one takes away happy memories.

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