Jack and the Beanstalk
(December 1992)
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Photo Album

This was the third Pantomime which we produced for Christmas at Carlo Diacono Girls' Junior Lyceum.  We started with Snow White in 1990 (produced quickly in about two weeks!), and followed up with Cinderella in 1991.

At this time, we realized that to improve the quality of the production, work must start as early as possible before Christmas.  In fact, preparation for this Panto started in October as soon as we got back from our holidays.  We often stayed after school hours for rehearsals, set construction and everything else involved.  The team of teachers involved was now bigger and we could set our aims higher.

'Gakki' had all the ingredients of the original story - a fast-growing beanstalk, an 8-foot giant, a cow(?), a hen who lays golden eggs and a harp.  We also added 'l-Ghakrux', a bad spirit who unsuccessfully tries to foil Jack's every attempt at becoming rich.

'Gakki' might be described as the turning point in our sequence of productions - it was the first step towards the more ambitious productions which were to follow.

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