Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
(December 1996)
Photo Album
Photo Album

'Aladdin' was our seventh offering.  It's incredible how something which almost started as a joke had developed into such an enjoyable event, awaited by many each year.  A lot had changed since the first Panto:  many teachers left and others joined us, some got married and had children, some grew older and lost even more hair!  Only one thing had remained the same, and that's the fun we teachers shared during the production of the Panto.  Our initial enthusiasm had not only remained the same, but had grown and attracted an even larger number of teachers.  The 'Panto bug' had even spread to other schools!

In 'Aladdin', we learnt that greatest magic isn't found in a lamp, but in our happiness and laughter, which, when shared with others, has an even bigger value!

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